What our clients say about us...

Jim Canales, President, Barr Foundation
“Viewcrest Advisors served as an indispensable thought partner as we revisited our organizational structure with a view toward a senior executive search. Rather than diving in to conduct a search, Viewcrest invested time to understand our culture, our history, and our aspirations; based on that, we jointly developed a more considered scope for a new senior executive, with broad buy-in and engagement. Viewcrest then led a thorough search process, in close partnership with me. While we were pleased with the outcome, we were just as pleased with the process, which was carried out respectfully and in alignment with our organization’s values.”
Ron Grzywinski, Vice Chair, BRAC-USA
“During a 45 year career in domestic and international bank management and economic development, I have had an opportunity to work with many search firms, from the smallest to the largest. Most recently, as chair of the Board Search Committee for a CEO at BRAC USA, I had the privilege of working with Kathleen Yazbak and her colleagues at Viewcrest Advisors. I have never had a better search experience. Not only were we able to hire a remarkably strong president, but we had multiple qualified candidates from which to choose. The working relationship throughout the search process was unparalleled.”
Len Schlesinger, Vice Chairman, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (CEO Search Committee Chair); Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School; President Emeritus, Babson College
“I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathleen on the recently completed search for a new CEO of NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship).  She made the process as painless as possible; connected with multiple stakeholders across our organization and network, took the lead with our search committee on the job spec, engaged us fully in the process of developing an understanding of  the subtleties of our organization’s needs and desires, communicated thoroughly and regularly, and moved heaven and earth to respond to the logistical challenges of a search committee with members in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., London and Chicago.  She knows the broader candidate pool well and because she is very much plugged into the dynamics of the “industry,” provided market insights and candidate information that were extremely helpful as we made our decision.  I can’t recommend her enough!”
Guy Kawasaki, Board Member, Wikimedia Foundation
“I highly recommend Kathleen and Viewcrest Advisors for filling leadership positions. In fact, the more difficult the search, the more you need her. I haven’t worked with a firm that invests more time and effort to learn about your organization in order to find the right person. My usual experience is that the “pitch” is better than the “reality.” This is not the case with Viewcrest—the pitch was great and the reality was even better.”  
Gerald McNamara, Chair, Board of Directors, The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
“I recently worked with Kathleen and her Viewcrest Advisors team on a CEO search for the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. We were very pleased with the result and feel we got our money’s worth. Kathleen’s process was organized and methodical, and she met all scheduled deliverables. Her background research and interviews of Board members and BCAN stakeholders were thorough, and enabled her to develop a clear understanding of our culture and needs. Her final candidates were impressive. I recommend her highly.”
Sydney Morris, co-Founder and co-CEO, Educators 4 Excellence
“We worked with Kathleen and Viewcrest for a critical C-level search. Kathleen and her team dove in head-first in order to deeply understand E4E and our mission, vision, theory of change, and needs for this leadership role. Kathleen was a true thought partner through the entire search – from refining the scope of the role and job description, all the way to matriculation. I highly recommend the Viewcrest team for their commitment to excellence and true partnership.”
Sarah Iselin, Former President, Optum Federal
“Kathleen is a terrific executive search consultant. Her energy, insights, reliability, consistency, and instincts are spot-on. She has consistently brought me compelling candidates and has demonstrated her commitment to diversity. I’ve engaged her twice and would do so again without hesitation.”
Fay Twersky, Director, Effective Philanthropy, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
“Kathleen is an outstanding executive search consultant. When I was building a new team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, I engaged her for all my toughest searches and she worked closely with me to fill many positions during a high growth period over several years. She always brought forward creative ideas and talented people for me to consider and she helped me hire some of the best talent in the country in the area of strategy and evaluation. She has the highest standard of integrity and is a pleasure to work with.”
Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D. President/CEO of The Home for Little Wanderers
 “I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathleen in three important capacities-first as a colleague in the executive search firm of Whitehead Mann, Boston; then as a client on our search for the Executive Vice President and CFO at The Home for Little Wanderers where I have served as the President/CEO for the past 12 years; and finally as the member of the board of trustees at Bridgewater State University where Kathleen successfully completed the search for the new President of the University.
In all three capacities, I have enjoyed working with Kathleen.  She is professional, thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable of the external marketplace, and timely in her execution.  She spends great time and effort getting to know and understand the culture and operational style of the organizations for whom she is seeking top talent, and serves as a helpful advisor around “fit” between candidates and the organization.  She is also has an astute sense of the politics and sensitivities of the organization with whom she is working.  She comes highly recommended.”  
Gene Durgin, Presidential Search Chair; Chair, the Board of Trustees, Bridgewater State University
“Kathleen was not only the architect of this remarkable effort but a partner and “unofficial” search committee member every step of the way. As search chair, I felt truly guided and supported by her wisdom and hard work as we completed the many and complicated steps that brought us to our successful conclusion. I know our entire search committee, by design a diverse group of professionals, felt the same way; uncommon for such a diverse, opinionated group as ours. At every step, she responded to each committee member’s concerns and observations “in their own language”, a truly unique and remarkable talent. She made it her resolve to ensure that the committee and I had fulfilled our responsibilities to that point before moving to the next step. And, she helped us to ensure that our final decision was made most difficult by the strength of the final candidacies she helped us to put in place… Kathleen significantly exceeded every hope we had for a professional consultant and resource during our search by investing herself deeply in our outcome.”