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When Bruce Wilkinson, an executive in World Vision Inter­national’s Zambia operation, learned that he was going to be promoted to regional director for southern Africa, he immediately started…       READ MORE

Recruiters Say: Avoid LinkedIn At Your Peril

You’re on LinkedIn, of course. But do you use it? Do you connect with people regularly, do you worry about your profile, is it part of your routine? Engagement with LinkedIn seems to be…     READ MORE

Data’s Not Just for Donors—It Can Improve a Nonprofit’s Work

Over the last decade, nonprofits have faced intensified pressure from government, foundations, and other donors to demonstrate their results. No wonder that in naming the people who would benefit most…   READ MORE

Your True Calling Could Suit a Nonprofit

Q. You’ve spent your career in a profit-making business but want your work to be more in line with your personal values. The idea of working for a nonprofit is appealing, but is this the right reason…   READ MORE

Do You Have What it Takes for Work for a Nonprofit?

At some point, almost every woman who works in business thinks, Why on earth am I doing this? Fantasies of leaving the rat race soon follow, fueled by a desire to do some good. At these moments…   READ MORE

Building Consensus, Diversity, and Leadership

Starting at the age of ten, if Kevin Washington wasn’t at home, he was at a YMCA. In fact, he attributes a basketball scholarship to Temple University to what he learned…       READ MORE

CEO Perspectives: An Interview with Dan Cardinali

In each “CEO Perspectives,” we explore the work and life experiences of an individual leader. Through these stories, we hope to bring to light strategies and advice other nonprofit leaders can use to…     READ MORE

CEO Perspectives: Linda Rottenberg, Co-founder and CEO, Endeavor Global

Endeavor Global is headquartered in New York and has 15 affiliates throughout Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The 600 Endeavor Entrepreneurs selected to date, screened from more than 28,000 candidates, have created…     READ MORE

Recruiting Diverse Talent

When the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) was founded in 1993, it had a staff of two and a mission to foster access and success in post-secondary education. A little over 10 years later, the team…     READ MORE

Considering and Evaluating Internal Candidates for Senior-Level Nonprofit Positions

A senior manager announces that she’s leaving, and one of her high-performing direct reports comes to your office and says that he’s interested in the position. What do you say? What are the guidelines…    READ MORE

Finding the Right COO for Your Organization

The chief operating officers (COOs) Bridgespan has encountered in our research on the COO position came from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. MBAs are fairly common, but other graduate training ranges from…   READ MORE

Finding the Right CFO Position

The key to success in any job search is finding the right fit between your skills, interests, and personality on the one hand, and the characteristics of the potential organization, role, and leadership team on the other. The search for the right chief financial officer (CFO) role…   READ MORE

Building a Talent Pipeline

Many nonprofit leaders struggle with filling open positions in their organizations because of time and budget constraints. But being thoughtful about an organization’s future talent needs can help…   READ MORE

Saying "No"

The best part about the hiring process is extending an offer to a terrific candidate and taking him or her out to a celebratory lunch when the offer is accepted. But what about contacting the candidates that you did not…   READ MORE

Young Leaders: Helpful Tips for Developing Yourself

Each of these young leaders mentioned in the article went through, and continues to go through, a process of growth and development, and each has benefited greatly from…   READ MORE

Making the Jump

Careers in the nonprofit sector are attractive to many people in the corporate world who are looking to use their business experience to help the greater good. But making the jump from the for-profit world to a charity…   READ MORE

Nonprofit Job Seekers: Finding the Right Fit for You

“How can I assess if a job is a good fit for my personality and work style?” This is a question we often hear from job seekers. Ideally, before you start an active job search, you should do some self-assessment about … READ MORE

Onboarding: Tips for Transitioning into a Senior Nonprofit Role

Successfully transitioning into a senior nonprofit management role takes teamwork. Both the individual taking the position and the organization welcoming the new hire should be equally committed to… READ MORE

Making the Right Hire: Assessing a Candidate's Fit with Your Organization

Your organization is looking to fill a senior management position. You have already carefully defined the skills and concrete work experience necessary for someone to succeed in the specific leadership position…   READ MORE

The 120-Day Plan

Stepping into a new leadership role is a big challenge even under ideal circumstances. But it can be a particularly formidable task to come into an organization whose employees and members are grieving the loss of their…   READ MORE